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BEST Business Broker in Orange County

The BEST Business Broker in Orange County is Orville Wright, owner of Global Business Brokers International. He specializes in valuating, packaging, listing and selling existing business opportunities, new business opportunities, franchises and Internet related businesses, throughout Orange County, California.

Orville Wright is also the founder of Global Exit Planning Strategies, a full service organization that offers Exit Planning Strategies for small to mid size business throughout the United States and Canada.

Orville Wright, The California Business BrokerOrville Wright, "The California Business Broker," has over twenty-five years experience in evaluating and selling businesses in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.

He has sold well over 1,000 businesses in a wide range of product and service industries. Orville has the background and experience to obtain the best possible deals for his clients in the least amount of time.

The following are just some of the services that a professional, experienced California Business Broker and Exit Planning Specialist like Orville Wright can do for you: 

COURTESY VALUATION If you are ready to sell your business now, Businesses For Sale in California can provide a Courtesy Valuation of your business, based on preliminary financial information, to determine the Fair Market Value range of your business. This is very important in determining the ultimate sales price of your business. As the name implies, there is no cost or obligation for this valuation, as long as your business meets our basic criteria. For more information on this service CLICK HERE.

PRE-SALE DUE DILIGENCE For a fee, Global Exit Planning can perform a comprehensive, professional Pre-Sale Due Diligence on your business. This will simulate the type of due diligence that a serious, qualified buyer prospect for your business will perform, prior to removing all of the Conditions Of Purchase. This will assist you in being sure that your business will pass the buyer's due diligence quickly and that there will no roadblocks in the path towards getting your business sold. This can also minimize the amount of disruption to your ongoing operations, staff, vendors and customers. This will also assist you in determining any changes that may need to be made to your day-to-day business operations, accounting practices, client relations, inventory and assets that may increase the ultimate sales price for your business.  For more information on this service CLICK HERE.

COMPREHENSIVE EXIT PLANNING If you are not yet ready to sell your business, but would like to prepare your business to sell for the highest possible price and the most favorable terms, within the next 1 to 3 years, it would be in your best interests to work with a professional Exit Planning Consultant to achieve these goals. For more information on this service CLICK HERE.

SELL YOUR BUSINESS Businesses For Sale in California has all of the tools and skills necessary to attract the largest number of qualified buyers for your business, from all over the world! They have over 100 of their own Business Opportunity Web Sites and they advertise their listings on many additional International Business Opportunity Web Sites.

Only buyer prospects that have signed a Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement will have access to your preliminary information. For a sample of this NDA form, CLICK HERE.

BUSINESS BUYERS - If you are ready to buy a business, you can save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by only looking at businesses that have been professionally valuated. All businesses listed by the California Business Broker have "passed the test" of being profitable now, have excellent books and records and have excellent prospects for continued growth and profitability. For a fee, the California Business Broker can perform a Pre-Purchase Due Diligence on any business listed on this Web Site or any other business that you may be considering to purchase. For more information on this service, CLICK HERE

Since selling or buying a business is at least as emotionally charged as selling or buying a home, both the seller and the buyer will benefit greatly from a professional California Business Broker like Orville Wright who can objectively negotiate all of the aspects of a successful business sales transaction with the objective of making sure that the final result is fair to all parties.

Finding the right buyer for a business is just the beginning of a successful transaction. Orville Wright will assist both the buyer and the seller in every aspect of the transfer, right through to completion. Orville knows what to do to make the entire process go as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

If you are serious about getting your business sold, please contact Global Exit Planning today so that we can provide you with additional information on getting the process started with a Courtesy Valuation, a Pre-Sale Due Diligence or a complete Exit Plan Strategy.

If you are serious about  purchasing a business, you can search the Businesses For Sale in California database of Businesses For Sale. They offer Automotive, Distribution, Food Service, General Service, Lodging, Manufacturing, Recreation and Retail businesses, Franchise listings and Internet related businesses.

For full information, visit his Web Site at:

Global Business Brokers International
Phone: (888) 689-2378

Business Broker TrainingSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting in the Spring of 2010, Orville Wright, the founder of Global Business Brokers International will offer comprehensive, one-on-one Business Broker Training to a select number of business professionals in California. This will be a 6-day course that will be conducted either at one of Global Business Brokers International's California locations or at the Business Broker Trainee's location.

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